GoToAssist Remote Support (v14.10.0 Web App) Release Notes

Released October 30, 2014


  • GoToAssist Expert download flow migrated to Launcher Service v2
  • Ability to disable “Start with an Attended Session”

What’s New?

GoToAssist Expert Download Flow Migrated to Launcher Service v2

  • When technicians install the GoToAssist Expert desktop application, they will now be guided through the download flows of the Launcher Service v2. Previously, only the GoToAssist Customer desktop application used the Launcher v2 flows, while the Expert application continued to use Launcher v1. For more information about the new download flows (and browser-specific instructions), please see Install GoToAssist Expert (Windows) and Install GoToAssist Expert (Mac) articles. (GTARSBR-596)
  • Technicians can download the Expert application as follows (shown in Firefox):
    1. Log in at
    2. Click Start a support session in the left navigation.
    3. Click Save File when prompted.
    4. Click the Downloads button in the toolbar, then click GoToAssist Launcher.exe.
    5. The file will begin download automatically and launch the GoToAssist Expert desktop application.

9-2-2014 11-28-54 AMAbility to Disable “Start with an Attended Session”

  • Administrators can now decide whether a new session key for an attended support session should be automatically created whenever the GoToAssist Expert desktop application is launched (new setting is enabled by default). Previously, a new session key was automatically generated each time technicians launched the application, even if they didn’t need an active session at that time.
    1. Go to Configure > GoToAssist Settings and scroll to “Start with an Attended Session”.
    2. Enable or disable the “GoToAssist will automatically create an attended session when it starts” check box. G2A_Settings_StartAttendedSession

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